First and foremost, I want to thank Bones2112, Brewman, Bichur, Black Xero and Hus for helping and sponsoring this contest. Also a big thanks to the admins for their assistance on the approval of the entries.

Once again JJ Ying dominated taking 1st place on both, the IconPackager and WindowBlinds categories with his awesome Azenis theme.
MountainDragon never surrendered the 1st spot on the DesktoX category and Himangshu came from behind to claim a 1st prize on the IconPackager category.
Cyberworld, Halluci and Greyster stood their ground to claim 2nd place on their respective categories.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those that participated in the contest.

DesktopX Theme

Theme Author Unique Downloads
Dragon Desktop 4 MountainDragon 828
Digital Mecha Cyberworld 285
OBSIDIAN alpha-omega 179


Theme Author Unique Downloads
Azenis (*) JJ Ying 2,723
MacOS (Wooden) Himangshu 2,248
Archon Halluci 1,975
Hazard David Brelo 1,918
Umax Solid_Nuts 878


Skin Author Unique Downloads
Azenis JJ Ying 4,646
Scarlet & Gray geyster 1,632
Armada Night Train 1,326
Earth Wind Fire starone 1,128
Industrial Ecstasy Drill'n Boss 915

(*) JJ Ying won 1st place on both IP and WB category. Rules of the contest states that only one prize will be granted to a participant, therefore JJ Ying will be granted 1st prize on the WB category on which he got the highest download count.
The 1st and 2nd prize on the IconPackager category will be granted to Himangshu and Halluci in that particular order.

Until the next Skinning Contest............... Have fun and keep on skinning.


Comments (Page 5)
on Nov 05, 2005
Lantec - what I do is view page source in FF. Do a find to get to the line with the different colored background. Copy it. Paste it in the reply, then edit the color numbers using PSP to get the 6 digits needed for the color I want. I copied from TABLE to TABLE. The width percentage is how wide it will be.
on Nov 05, 2005
Posted via WinCustomize Browser/Stardock Central Can even insert the Chameleomonkey using FF. Posted via WinCustomize Browser/Stardock Central
on Nov 05, 2005
I was gonna test via Opera, but I can't figure out how to get Opera to let me sign in.
on Nov 06, 2005
Himangshu... all's well now?


Of course.

on Nov 06, 2005
It's not working for me. I wonder if it's due to Opera?


I use Opera only. No problem.

What do you do, paste it in from some html editor?

Well, you can use Macromedia Dreamweaver. But, the codings should be just like this:
<TABLE cellpadding=8 width="50%" align=left bgColor=#FF0000 class="mb-Body-Quote-Table">
<TR><TD class="mb-Body-Quote-Text"><font color="#FFFFFF">What do you do, paste it in from some html editor?</font></TD>

Now just change 'width', 'align', 'bgColor', 'font color'. Don't forget to use web safe colours.

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