1st Week Standings
Published on October 7, 2005 By Apocalypse_67 In WinCustomize News

Here is an update of the contest and the standing of each entry.

DesktopX Theme

Theme Author Unique Downloads
Dragon Desktop 4 MountainDragon 590
OBSIDIAN alpha-omega 167
Digital Mecha Cyberworld 153


Theme Author Unique Downloads
Azenis JJ Ying 2,147
Archon Halluci 1,240
MacOS (Wooden) Himangshu 1,020
Hazard David Brelo 876
Umax Solid_Nuts 645


Skin Author Unique Downloads
Azenis JJ Ying 3,800
Scarlet & Gray geyster 1,385
Armada Night Train 1,118
Earth Wind Fire starone 805
Industrial Ecstasy Drill'n Boss 697

As many already know, last week WinCustomize admins were not able to access the uploaded files for acceptance.
Due to this issue the contest has been extended another week. Instead of ending Oct 14 it will now end Oct 21

For more details of the contest click here

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on Oct 09, 2005
on Oct 09, 2005
Please don't get nervous and stop repeating your self.

Oh... and that's Mr. Adept Smartass to you.

Now move along and let others enjoy them selves.
on Oct 09, 2005
Mr. Adept Smartass to you.

on Oct 09, 2005


Considering that it's 'just' general site members [not owners/Admins] who are actually taking it upon themselves to organize contests FOR the community...and FOR those within the community who may have some 'difficulty' in contributing to the site through Subscriptions, etc....it would be appreciated if those who are NOT contributing to this/these contests refrain from criticizing those who ARE.

If anyone is to be called a 'smartass'...let it be me....but when doing so use the Anglo/Australian 'smartarse'.....I don't answer to the American spelling...

Civility is actually quite easy to afford...and is so often freely reciprocated in kind....

on Oct 10, 2005
Civility is actually quite easy to afford...and is so often freely reciprocated in kind....

on Oct 10, 2005
dee kaff
on Oct 10, 2005

Some trolls just never learn, no matter how clear you explain things to them

dee kaff

I'd say its more like Xanax or rather lack of
on Oct 10, 2005
on Oct 11, 2005
Ok I think it's time to put a cork in you.

Since your ignorant comments serve no real purpose to this thread we need to do a Houdini on you.
on Oct 11, 2005
.......and back to topic......
on Oct 11, 2005
Thanks Paul, I was about to email you. Saved me a stamp and an envelope.
on Oct 11, 2005
UPDATE 2: Cyberworld has added his entry to the DesktopX category.

Unfortunately we lost an entry due to the violation of the rules and another entry cannot be counted due to the same reason.

Please be advice that no updates can be made to the competing entries until after the contest ends.
Also, the participating work cannot be uploaded on any other personal or public site while the contest is on.
on Oct 13, 2005
Like I said Contest is over.
on Oct 13, 2005
Igspence, you are getting annoying really fast.
You have been warned by an admin about your behavior.
Keep this up and you might find your self without a 'voice' in the forums.
And.... the contest will be over after I announce the winners.
on Oct 13, 2005
UPDATE 3: These are the standings after the second week.

(To Igspence disappointment) One more week to go.
» 3346
» 48
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