3 days left
Published on September 6, 2005 By Apocalypse_67 In WinCustomize News

With 3 days left, here is a quick update on the contest and where each entry stands.


Skin Author Unique Downloads
Loading System 4tuner 467
Abridged Resonance Himangshu 394
Dark Canyon triBYTE_Digital_Img 215
Tribal Window rabidrobot 145
Forever On High Meowy 125
Xedion Great Sphynx 110
Midnight Blue Bash2Cool 74
Subliminal Visions 1-1 Subliminal Visions 31


Skin Author Unique Downloads
Silver Cursor 2 JJ Ying 1,234
Relic Cursors Lgp85 1,050
Floral Theme Himangshu 952
Naruto Dagger basj 779
Male Symbol Lihu1266 755
Split SoliD_NuTs 492
ColorX xmol 293
Swords Subliminal Visions 268


Skin Author Unique Downloads
Abridged Resonance Himangshu 289
Xedion Great Sphynx 201
Sunshine bad smart baby 107
Hilltop Meowy 56
After Glow RustyNaill 44

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on Sep 09, 2005
on Sep 09, 2005
Clap Clap Clap

was interesting to see how creative you all were. I dont use bootskins so I could only look at the previews. But I enjoyed all the cursors. Im glad I its not up to me to chose any winners. You all are winners
on Sep 09, 2005
I still wish i could win..at least a third place...hmmmmmm
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