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Published on September 6, 2005 By Apocalypse_67 In WinCustomize News

With 3 days left, here is a quick update on the contest and where each entry stands.


Skin Author Unique Downloads
Loading System 4tuner 467
Abridged Resonance Himangshu 394
Dark Canyon triBYTE_Digital_Img 215
Tribal Window rabidrobot 145
Forever On High Meowy 125
Xedion Great Sphynx 110
Midnight Blue Bash2Cool 74
Subliminal Visions 1-1 Subliminal Visions 31


Skin Author Unique Downloads
Silver Cursor 2 JJ Ying 1,234
Relic Cursors Lgp85 1,050
Floral Theme Himangshu 952
Naruto Dagger basj 779
Male Symbol Lihu1266 755
Split SoliD_NuTs 492
ColorX xmol 293
Swords Subliminal Visions 268


Skin Author Unique Downloads
Abridged Resonance Himangshu 289
Xedion Great Sphynx 201
Sunshine bad smart baby 107
Hilltop Meowy 56
After Glow RustyNaill 44

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on Sep 06, 2005
Gracias. I needed a list.
on Sep 06, 2005

BootSkin: The result should be:

SkinAuthor Unique Downloads
Loading System4tuner409
Abridged ResonanceHimangshu346
Dark CanyontriBYTE_Digital_Img203
Tribal Windowrabidrobot140
Forever On HighMeowy122
XedionGreat Sphynx107
Midnight BlueBash2Cool73
Subliminal Visions 1-1Subliminal Visions30
on Sep 07, 2005
Nice to see that AP has taken the responsibility and managed it well . I was unable to post the updates as currently I am some 600miles away from my home and will be back by 8th.

But Bootskin section requires a little change; that is Dark Canyon by triBYTE_Digital_Img doesnot qualify for contest according to rulles. According to author he has taken the snap/image which stood second in an other contest and converted into bootskin. So the standings should be:

1. Loading System 448 Unique Downloads
2. Abridged Resonance 347 Unique Downloads
3. Tribal Widow with 142 Unique Downloads(this is the correct name)

Thanks again for a good effort.
on Sep 07, 2005
Himangshu, my apologies for over looking your bootskin. Due to the low rating on the entry it wasn't showing up on my screen. The list has been fix now.
BX, I also thoght about what you've mentioned in regards to the Dark Canyon entry. The author says that the image won him 2nd place on his county's fair but the image has not been used as previous work on a skinning site or in any part of a skinning application, therefore I think the entry should be permited.
on Sep 07, 2005
On a curious note. Himangshu stands right now as a winner in all three categories, but as the rules of the contest states, he can only be granted one prize. If the standings remain unaltered by the end of the contest, Himangshu will be granted a prize on the category on which he finishes on top. Right now that category is LogonStudio on which he holds 1st place, therefore the remaining 2 prizes will be granted to the 4th place on the Bootskin and CursorXP category.

I also want to congratulate all participants on a job well done and for providing such great work.
on Sep 07, 2005
it was my first wincustomize compitition.....oh well i'll try harder next time.

on Sep 07, 2005
Is there a reason why "ColorX" by Xmol isn't listed?
From what I can tell with that skin's download count it shoudl be in the list?

Am I missing something? Or is there something else I need to do as far as voting for it.

on Sep 07, 2005
The entry has been added to the list darquiel. Thanks for the 'heads-up'
on Sep 07, 2005
Nice emoticon, bash!

This contest has been a lot of fun. I enjoyed the surprises, not least of which the late entry of 4tuner's stellar "Loading System" in the BootSkin category. Came outta nowhere.

I'll stay out of the DQ and multi-category winners discussion, and leave it to you mods to figure out how I can qualify for a prize!
on Sep 07, 2005
Yes, Loading System was a real surprise.
This goes to show that just because you're late, doesn't mean you'll be last
on Sep 07, 2005
on Sep 07, 2005
where can we see the final result on monday 12?

on Sep 07, 2005
On Monday September 12 I will make the official announcement on this same forum, posting a list with the winners of each categories and the final download count for each entry.
on Sep 07, 2005
on Sep 09, 2005
T minus 15 Hrs
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