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Published on September 3, 2005 By Apocalypse_67 In WinCustomize News

WinCustomize community members.
Once again we are bringing a skinning contest to the community. This time around you have the chance to win one of three Object Desktop as a first place winner on a small skinning contest sponsored by Bones2112, Brewman, Bichur, Black Xero, Hus and me Apocalypse_67

The Prizes:
First place winners will get an Object Desktop.
Object Desktop is a desktop enhancement suite designed to allow users to turbo-charge their Windows experience. It's like getting the next version of Windows today. Use Object Desktop to personalize Windows to suit your particular needs. It comes with WindowBlinds, DesktopX, IconPackager, Theme Manager, ObjectBar, and much more.

Second place winners will get TWO premium skins of their choices from the following list.

    -Universe Metal
    -Oranda Cursor
    -Utopia Icons
    -Orion Icons
    -Essorant Pack
    -Unorthodox Pack

The Contest:
The contestants will compete on three applications. DX Theme, IconPack Theme and WindowBlinds Skin.
First place winners of each category wins an Object Desktop. Second place winners wins two premium skins.

The Rules:
- One entree per contestant per application.
- Only one prize will be granted to a winning participant.
- All skins submitted must be original new work of the contestant.
- No ports, borrowed images or re-coloring of previous work.
- ALL parts of the theme/skin must be skinned. Incomplete skins will not be accepted.
- IconPacks must contain at least 75 icons.
- Toolbar icons and animations on the WB skins are optional. All other parts of the skin must be skinned.
- DO NOT submit, upload or distribute the participating themes/skins on any other website until the contest is over.

- To ensure a fair download count for each contestant, ALL entries are final.
- Violation of any of these rules will result in disqualification.

Time frame and dead line:
Contest will run for 2 weeks from 09/30/05 thru 10/14/05
Skins will not be accepted before 09/30/05 or after 10/14/05 Skins uploaded before 09/30/05 will be place on cue until the first day of the contest.
Winners will be announced on 10/17/05
When uploading the skin/theme make sure to write 'WC SKINNING CONTEST' on the file's description to indicate that the skin/theme is competing on the contest.

The Judges:
The judges of this event will be the WinCustomize community members.
1st and 2nd place theme/skins of each category with the highest download count by registered users will be the winners.


Good luck to all the contestants and have fun skinning.

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on Sep 29, 2005
T - 4Hrs, 25Mins (GMT +5 here)

Another bomb has started Tick.... Tick.... Tick....
on Sep 29, 2005

Damn Time Zones! It's not even noon here!
on Sep 29, 2005
Damn Time Zones! It's not even noon here!

Yeah, it should be noon everywhere

BTW. T minus 11 hrs 55 mins
on Oct 07, 2005
finshed the Umax pack for the contest
abit late but worth a try right
on Oct 08, 2005
i'm making my own WB skin to challenge Night Train just for the heck of it!
Judges should not be allowed to enter contests. First off I like the contests it gives poeple something to go after. The more popular and experienced skinners will always get more dls, THE END. That's the way it is. I myself automatically dl skins from certain authors because I know their work is going to be anywhere from Damn Good to Great, Apocalypse_67 and NT are just some of the ones I will always dl. What I'm getting at is the contests need to be at two levels, experts & novices/newbees like myself. I've only made one wb skin and i wouldn't stand a chance against someone like Apocalypse_67 Nighttrain etc. Hell not many skinners would so I don't see the fairness in it. By using dls as a measure you automatically give the more experienced and popular skinners an unfair avantage. Another area that I don't agree with is the time alloted, again the more experienced skinners can knock out a skin in about 1 to 1 & 1/2 weeks maybe even less, my first my first wb skin took me almost 4 months to do. It's like putting a high school baseball player into a world series and expecting them to stand their own against the pros. Do you see what I'm getting at? Also from what I see when it comes to accepting work it takes just about all of the 5 days to have my work posted but for certain people with higher rankings they get posted the same day.
on Oct 08, 2005
I understand your point Bushman, but just to clear some of your concerns here is what comes into play.

-There are no judges on the contest. Winners are determined by download counts.
-None of the sponsors are competing.
-The contest is limited by the amount of prizes donated by the sponsors. In order to have a novice and expert levels on the contest more sponsors are needed. With only 6 sponsors I can only arrange a single level contest.
-Multiple level contests bring up another issue. Who are the experts and who are the novices? An artist that might be consider great by some will not be seen that way by others
-The admins have done a great job working with us in the contest by giving priority to the entries uploaded for the contest. They are accepted almost immediately so all contestants have a good run on the length of the contest.
-Last but far more important, these contests are a way for some of the community members to give something to the community and its members. Everyone here uploads their work for free to share with everyone else; this is just a chance to actually get something in return for your work.

There will be other contests to come so if you can't win on one you might win on the next
on Oct 08, 2005
I also understand all that you've said Apocalypse_67 about the contest(s) and I have no objections with any of if as a matter of fact I agree with you on that but not at what your using to pick the winner(s). To do this fair and square (yea corny) you can't use the number of dl's,it's not an un-bias system. Politics only create ememies so I wouldn't go any further with that. As far as artists go each person knows how good they are you see it in their work. I've watched many of todays artists grow over the years, you included Your point of "one man's junk is another man's treasure" idea is another point about not useing the dl count. Be honest about it and find some other way. Oh I'm learning about skinning because I love art, not to win prizes so you won't see me do this it's just my own thing. Keep the contests coming they're good for people just find a better means to rate or judge them. Nuff Said
on Oct 08, 2005
I think everyone agrees with what you said Bushman. In the end though, I think the judges decisions would be very similiar to the download counts. Also, noone can be blamed for a bad call.The community makes the decision. It's just all for fun anyways. Clearly everyone entering already has Object Desktop so the prizes really don't matter. Bragging rights to the winner.
on Oct 08, 2005
It was suggested at the beginning of the contest to appoint judges to pick the winners, but this has a potential to create more controversy.
Example: Let's say JJ Ying (a most recent popular author) and John Doe (a new-comer and unpopular author) are head-to-head on a competing category and the panel of judges pick JJ Ying as the winner. We'll then have half of the community blasting the judges for picking a more popular author just because he is better known.
Using D/L counts eliminates this issue and if people still want to complain they can all share the blame
on Oct 08, 2005
Kinda simple to me.
Think a newcomer deserves a shot? Download it. Think someone is getting an unfair advantage due to name or whatever? Don't download it until after the contest.
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