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Published on September 3, 2005 By Apocalypse_67 In WinCustomize News

WinCustomize community members.
Once again we are bringing a skinning contest to the community. This time around you have the chance to win one of three Object Desktop as a first place winner on a small skinning contest sponsored by Bones2112, Brewman, Bichur, Black Xero, Hus and me Apocalypse_67

The Prizes:
First place winners will get an Object Desktop.
Object Desktop is a desktop enhancement suite designed to allow users to turbo-charge their Windows experience. It's like getting the next version of Windows today. Use Object Desktop to personalize Windows to suit your particular needs. It comes with WindowBlinds, DesktopX, IconPackager, Theme Manager, ObjectBar, and much more.

Second place winners will get TWO premium skins of their choices from the following list.

    -Universe Metal
    -Oranda Cursor
    -Utopia Icons
    -Orion Icons
    -Essorant Pack
    -Unorthodox Pack

The Contest:
The contestants will compete on three applications. DX Theme, IconPack Theme and WindowBlinds Skin.
First place winners of each category wins an Object Desktop. Second place winners wins two premium skins.

The Rules:
- One entree per contestant per application.
- Only one prize will be granted to a winning participant.
- All skins submitted must be original new work of the contestant.
- No ports, borrowed images or re-coloring of previous work.
- ALL parts of the theme/skin must be skinned. Incomplete skins will not be accepted.
- IconPacks must contain at least 75 icons.
- Toolbar icons and animations on the WB skins are optional. All other parts of the skin must be skinned.
- DO NOT submit, upload or distribute the participating themes/skins on any other website until the contest is over.

- To ensure a fair download count for each contestant, ALL entries are final.
- Violation of any of these rules will result in disqualification.

Time frame and dead line:
Contest will run for 2 weeks from 09/30/05 thru 10/14/05
Skins will not be accepted before 09/30/05 or after 10/14/05 Skins uploaded before 09/30/05 will be place on cue until the first day of the contest.
Winners will be announced on 10/17/05
When uploading the skin/theme make sure to write 'WC SKINNING CONTEST' on the file's description to indicate that the skin/theme is competing on the contest.

The Judges:
The judges of this event will be the WinCustomize community members.
1st and 2nd place theme/skins of each category with the highest download count by registered users will be the winners.


Good luck to all the contestants and have fun skinning.

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on Sep 03, 2005
Looks good Apocalypse_67

on Sep 03, 2005
Wouldn't it be better to have someone judge the skins? Using download counts puts later uploaders at a disadvantage.
on Sep 03, 2005
Hippy, I thought about that since the 1st contest, but I didnt want to run into the assumptions or speculations of people that "X" winner was favorite by the judges.
on Sep 03, 2005
why od as a prize. wouldn't you already have it if you're skinning?

silly peoples..
on Sep 03, 2005
Its too bad there wasnt a way to have a certain amout of " Judges" and that skins could be uploaded for contest with just a number rather than their user name. That way you judged the skin without knowing who made it. Could be rather interesting to see if everyone could try to guess who made what. Just babbling...I know its probably too hard to do this..
The download count is hard to judge because some days are busy and other days are very quiet. Maybe now that Autumn is approaching, things will be back to normal.

I like the prizes ...nice choice for 2nd prize too.

Let me know when you start working on the 3rd contest
on Sep 03, 2005
why od as a prize. wouldn't you already have it if you're skinning?

Not necessarily..and it can be used to renew your OD for another year if you already have it. I just renewed mine..a year goes by fast.
on Sep 03, 2005
why od as a prize. wouldn't you already have it if you're skinning?

I'm a skinner and I don't have Object Desktop and as Fairyy mentioned, if the winner already owns Object Desktop he/she can use the prize to renew it or update it.

Fairyy~, the 1st contest is almost over and is working better than I originally thought. Let's see how this second contest goes.
A 3rd contest you say??? ....hmmmmm.......
A Christmas based theme sounds good for a contest.
on Sep 03, 2005
1. Hmmm... I was already making an IconPackager theme that I started today to include hundreds of file types, but it is based on Photoshop Elements 2 shapes and layer styles. Sounds good?

2. Where is info on the WC Subscription Contest?

3. How can I become a judge?
on Sep 03, 2005
1) As long as all of the images are of your own creation and the pack contains at least 75 icons it should be good.

2) WC Subscription Contest ->

3) There are no judges for the contest. Winners are selected by highest download count by registered users.
on Sep 03, 2005
Where is info on the WC Subscription Contest?

Link See the article for details.
on Sep 03, 2005
Excellent work A67! You and the sponsors are doing great, can't wait to see this contest!
on Sep 03, 2005
I agree, can't wait for this one to get going. Nice work organizing and sponsoring A_67, also the other sponsors as well. Good luck to the contestants.

Edited for mistakes!
on Sep 03, 2005
Wouldn't it be better to have someone judge the skins? Using download counts puts later uploaders at a disadvantage.

I agree with Hippy and plus the WB skins should come with toolbar icons and progress animations, in my opinion they are a very important part in a skin design and they are very hard to do too, so why keep it out?
on Sep 03, 2005
Again, Placing judges for the contest will open the gates for the often common remark "X" skinner is more popular so the judges favorite him/her In order to prevent this, the winners will be decided by download counts. Participants have a month (or about a month and a half since the first announcement was made about 2 weeks ago) to work on their themes/skins. This should give them enough time to complete and upload their entries by the first days of the contest and have an equal run time. The contest can be move one week up if necessary to allowed contestants to finish their work.
The reason why I opted to leave toolbar icons and animation as optional, is because many users might not have the version of WindowBlinds that support this features, therefore are unable to create/test them. It also attracts those skinners that might get discouraged because they either can't or don’t know how to create those features.
on Sep 03, 2005
looking good apoc
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