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Published on August 10, 2005 By Apocalypse_67 In WinCustomize News

WinCustomize community members.
Here is a chance to win a WinCustomize Subscription by entering in a small skinning contest sponsored by Ama02, Fairyy~, Black Xero, Bichur, Jafo and me Apocalypse_67

The Prize:
A WinCustomize Subscription
As you all know (and for those that don't know) as a WC subscriber your User Level is increased to 5 which gives the user unlimited file downloads for an entire year. The user gains the ability to rate the skins uploaded to the site and a WinCustomize website. In addition to this, you'll also get SkinBrowser, two premium skin suites and exclusive WinCustomize features. But most important, it helps support the site so we can continue to share and promote our work.

The Contest:
The contestants may choose between 3 applications to skin, CursorXP, Logon or BootSkin. The top 2 skins of each category will win a subscription.
Contestants can enter a skin for each category but only one subscription will be awarded even if the contestant's skins finish first on 2 or all 3 categories.

The Rules:
- One entree per contestant per category.
- All skins submitted must be original new work of the contestant.
- No ports, borrowed images or re-coloring of previous work.
- ALL parts of the theme must be skinned. Incomplete skins will not be accepted.
- Violation of any of these rules will result in disqualification.

Time frame and dead line:
Contest will run for 2 weeks from 08/26/05 thru 09/09/05
Skins will not be accepted before 08/26/05 or after 09/09/05
Winners will be announced on 09/12/05
When uploading the skin/theme make sure to write 'WC SUBSCRIPTION CONTEST' on the file's description to indicate that the skin/theme is competing on the contest.

The Judges:
The judges of this event will be the WinCustomize community members.
1st, 2nd and 3rd place skins of each category with the highest download count by registered users will be the winners.


Good luck to all the contestants and have fun skinning.

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on Aug 10, 2005
I think this is a great contest. Good work to you Apoc, for getting it going, and awesome to the others for helping out.
on Aug 10, 2005
I'M READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(you know spongebob)
on Aug 10, 2005
Great concept. I enjoyed watching it grow in the forum. Best of luck to all involved
on Aug 10, 2005
Nice job Apoc

me thinks Bash2cool has been hovering at da puter waiting for this to post
on Aug 10, 2005
WTG Apoc!
on Aug 10, 2005
me thinks Bash2cool has been hovering at da puter waiting for this to post

I hope more are as enthusiastic as bash2cool.

Contest rules looks good and it will be fun to see the results.

Nice job Apocalypse
on Aug 10, 2005
Thanks to the sponsors for the collaboration and I'm real glad to see the support and encouragement showed by everyone else.
As Fairyy~ said, I hope more people get as excited as Bash2cool.
Aside from winning a subscription, I'm hoping this contest serves as a 'launch platform' for those that are starting to venture into the skinning world.
on Aug 10, 2005
can I join? But really, this is cool to see communtiy members doing things like this. Hats off to you.
on Aug 10, 2005
if i can join then so can u.......in fact....i don't even know if i can join..........can i?
on Aug 10, 2005

Got a subscription?
on Aug 10, 2005
Can't wait to participate in! A subscription is quite attractive to me! But on that time, maybe I'll be busy on school work.... I guess I need to prepare for it immediately!
on Aug 10, 2005
Mormegil is trying to return his current subscription in order to enter the contest.... Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Thanks Paul
on Aug 10, 2005
Glad to see you got up and running so fast Apoc.
I hope some of the kids who can't afford it take this oppourtunity to show their stuff and get that subscription with a little hard work.
on Aug 10, 2005
Great idea baby
Can't wait to see the results
Best of luck to all involved
on Aug 11, 2005
Guys...if this means there are 5 [five] subscriptions on offer...then make it 6 [six]....I'll sponsor one as well....
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